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Evergreen Catholic Schools recognizes that each family has unique needs and we are   aware that not all families are comfortable with their child(ren) returning to in-school classes in September. While we will be offering in-school classes for students in September, we remain committed to providing an educational program for all students that best supports the child through different program delivery choices while still remaining enrolled in their designated school for 2020-2021. 

At Home Learning for grade 9 will be with a certified teacher.  Learning may be offered synchronously (online classes), asynchronously format (available in a web-based format anytime) or a combination of  these. Teachers may choose to record lessons or broadcast interactively.  Learning is supported with live instruction through online sessions where  students meet with their teacher online.  

At Home Learning for grades 10-12 will take place through a partnership with Edmonton Catholic Schools. Each course will have a certified teacher who will work with students. The courses run asynchronously at the student's pace and not at a specific time each day. There would be scheduled check ins and assessment with access to the teacher when needed.  

Format of Materials   

  • Distance education will include a combination of print and online assignments  as appropriate for the grade level and age of students.  
  • Parents/guardians may be required to pick-up and drop-off materials at scheduled time as instruction progresses.      


  • Students enrolled in distance education will be accountable for daily attendance  as specified by the teacher (attending video classes, daily emails, phone calls,  etc.).     

Time Expectations   

  • Unlike the emergency remote learning implemented in the spring, all outcomes  from each core course will be taught in distance education just as they are with in-school classes. 
  • Distance Education/Learning at home will offer the core courses and while the  time needed to complete coursework/assignments and assessments varies with each student, the general guidelines are:   

○ Grades 7 to 9: 5 hrs per day  

○ Grades 10-12: 2.5 hrs per day for each 5 credit course 

All students work with a school counselor from St. Peter the Apostle to build a manageable time completed in a quarter system.  Students selecting at home online learning would be committed to that choice for a  defined period of time, roughly 10 weeks, as outlined below.  The dates of potential transition back to in-person learning are:    

First Quarter: August 31 -  November 6 (high school exams Nov 3-6)   

Second Quarter:   November 16 - January 29 (high school exams Jan 25-29)   

Third Quarter: February 1 - April 20 (high school exams Apr 14-20)   

Fourth Quarter: April 21 - June 29 (high school exams June 21-29)